Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Road Trip

8 days.

2791 kms.

And countless memories.

Our road trip took us to Philadelphia to visit my wonderful friend, Beth and her husband Chris.

This was taken across the river in New Jersey aboard the Battleship New Jersey.

This is Elfreth's Alley. One of America's oldest residential streets.

And the kids favorite part of the week was Beth's horse, Buckshot.

Kelsey enjoyed walking around high atop Buckshot.

As did Cameron. But he also liked to make Buckshot trot around.

I have so many more photos. We also visited New York City and Washington DC while we were there. Like I said, countless memories. The kids had a fantastic time. They were so great. The 9+hr drive was nothing to them. They watched movies, played games, drew and just chatted away in the back. We played the license plate game and spotted 40 States, the District of Columbia and 4 Provinces. The kids really loved that game.

Now we're back home. Missing our friends. And back to work for some of us. And back to summer for the rest of us. Although the weather is not very summer like yet this year.