Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring time

It finally is feeling like spring. Yay!!

Unfortunately, I have not kept up with my own challenge of taking at least one picture a day. I suck. However, I'm going to start a new challenge that I think will be much easier to accomplish for myself. I will be following along on another website doing a weekly challenge. There will be themes, so I think it will be fun!!

Along with Spring came Easter! And everyone knows Easter eggs must be colored. The kids love dying eggs. Usually we do a dozen, so each kid gets 6. This year, we used some for our pancakes, so 8 it was! We used Wilton Color paste. I don't have regular old food coloring in the house for some reason. But it worked out really good! The colors were much more vibrant. We just started out with warm water to dissolve the paste and added a teaspoon or so of vinegar and viola!

She was not so sure of the red dots on the egg. Apparently the red dye did not dissolve completely. It made for an interesting look.

The finished product.

Cameron had fun! He also had a rash from fifth disease. Kid has had a rough couple of weeks! I used an action on this one. I love it. It reminds me of a photo from the 70's. Or at least photos I've seen of myself in the late 70's. ;)

The weather was beautiful the last two days. Cam helped me transplant my lilac tree. He is currently on the mend from pneumonia. He cannot do much physical activity, as it sends him into coughing fits. But he could help me dig with the garden spade! He only lasted about 10 minutes before he retreated into the house to play Wii.