Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Birds of a Feather-

Each day when Cameron and I go to let Bailey out for his mid-afternoon pee break, we pass this little pond that has several geese inhabiting it. A heron also visits frequently. I'm thinking it is a blue heron, but I could very well be wrong. Today, we stopped to snap a couple shots. The little gosling's were swimming at the far end of the pond with their parents, so we didn't pay them any attention. Then slowly, they got closer.

And closer.

And then their mama glided into the shot and gave us the stink eye. At this point, the other goose with her came up on land and started hissing at us. Cameron took off like a bullet. I have never seen him run so fast. I would have gotten a photo of that, but I was bent over laughing at him. He thought for sure the goose was going to eat him.

And the heron, who the kids and I always refer to as Mr. Heron, from our Franklin days. Here he is with a couple friends- a duck and two seagulls.

The cheese stands alone.


Rachelle said...

I was hoping you would take pictures of the babies!