Friday, May 2, 2008

Finding Nemo

When Kelsey was on March break one year, I took both kids to a local children's museum. I am thinking she was 6 and Cameron was 9months old. Or Kelsey was 7 and Cameron was just about to turn 2. Either way- they had fun. :) I am sure if I asked Kelsey, she could tell me exactly when it was. She is good like that. Need to know how old Grandma is? Ask Kelsey. Need to know how old Uncle Darryl will be in June? Ask Kelsey. She's got a great memory.

So, back to the museum. The kids had a good time. And of course, we just had to visit the gift shop before we could go home. Each child was given the ok to pick out one thing to buy. For the life of me, I cannot remember what Kelsey picked. I'm assuming it is a stuffed animal of some sort. The child is stuffed animal obsessed. Seriously. Cameron was going through a Finding Nemo phase. He loved that movie. And he loved fish. When we came across a little stuffed clown fish with big blue eyes, he had found his treasure from the museum. Now that I'm thinking back, he must have been closer to two, because he named his own fish. Of course, he in all his wisdom named his new little friend Nemo. He has slept with this fish every single night for the last 3+years. And almost every night without fail we have to search for Nemo so Cam will sleep peacefully. He has a little endearing habit of putting Nemo's eyes up to his mouth, because they are cool to touch. Nemo has gone with us camping and traveled to PEI and New Brunswick with us. He was almost lost when we were cottaging up north. But he's survived these last few years with only minor dents in his eyes from being tossed around by an active little boy.

Cameron has since outgrown his love of the movie Finding Nemo. As he gets ready to turn 5, he is obsessed with Star Wars. But he hasn't outgrown his need for his Nemo. And secretly, I'm hoping he doesn't for a long time. So here is to you, Nemo!