Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mary had a little lamb

I wasn't planning to post twice in one day, but I was just going through some photos I just got off my camera. We took the kids to a great conservation area near our home. Part of the park is a raptor rehabilitation centre. We love going and looking at the eagles, hawks and other birds of prey. They also have a big barn that is converted into a play centre for the kids. It's called Cameron's Barn, so Cam gets a big kick out of going in there and playing. They have a few farm animals- including baby lambs.

We took a short little hike on a trail that took us to a reservoir look out. Since it was a beautiful warm day, there were a lot of creatures out and about. We heard frogs calling crazily to each other. There were several logs occupied by turtles. One log had at least 20 turtles lined up on it. Unfortunately it was too far in the swamp and the view was obstructed by weeds, or else I would have attempted to get a shot. But I did get one of a single turtle sunbathing. If you look closely, you will see another turtles head in the water.